Our Services

Our company is more than just a business. ABC Global Employment & Manpower Services, Inc. (formerly Smith Bell Manpower Services, Inc.) is a relationship-based, responsible, recruitment and placement service solution provider of professionals and skilled and non-skilled workers across various industries, such as, Healthcare, Hotel and Restaurant, Information Technology, Construction, Mining, Manufacturing Industries, to name a few. We have a user friendly platform for the best employers in the world to provide better opportunities to truly deserving Filipino workers. We are fueled in our conviction that the Filipino workers compete at par with the best in the world and we consider them to be citizens of the world.

We take pride that the Philippines ranks 1st in availability of knowledge-based jobs and workers worldwide; the Philippines is also the 3rd largest English speaking country in the world; and is 4th among Asian nations in terms of labor quality.

ABC Global Employment & Manpower Services, Inc. (formerly Smith Bell Manpower Services, Inc.) is backed up by years of management experience and expertise in land-based recruitment business, duly accredited by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).

We strive to ensure that our clients – both employers and applicants – are protected and secured during the recruitment process. Applicants undergo strict pre-screening processes.

Employers are thoroughly verified to ensure the integrity of their employment needs. By doing so, applicants are assured that they can get the most rewarding work opportunities in their respective career paths and employers are assured that they get the most qualified and suitable candidates in the industry.

This is our way of bringing the best people together.

We at ABC Global Employment & Manpower Services, Inc. (formerly Smith Bell Manpower Services, Inc.) fully understand the value of every minute used and every cent spent in every recruitment process of every client. We give importance to these details in our cutting-edge technology, revitalized processes, and committed staff to ensure the reliability along with time and cost efficiency of our services.

Our Tested Recruitment & Placement Land-based Procedures

Our company makes certain that every step of our recruitment and placement procedures are in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) and those of the host country (employer’s country of origin).

There are 5 major procedures in the hiring of land-based high-performing Filipino workers which ABC Global Manpower Services, Inc. (formerly Smith Bell Manpower Services, Inc.) will facilitate with the principal (employer):

  1. Verification of Documents
    • The Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) in the worksite / host country reviews and verifies the recruitment documents to establish the existence of the employing person / company in conformity with the minimum standards prescribed by POEA and the labor laws of the host country
    • Documents verified by POLO includes:
      • Special Power of Attorney
      • Master Employment Contract
      • Manpower Request
    • Manpower Request should include:
      • Position
      • Number of Workers Required
      • Salary per Position per Hour and Total Working Hours per Week
      • Signature of the Principal’s (Employer’s) Representative
  2. Registration / Accreditation
    • POEA will re-verify in Manila, Philippines all documents verified by POLO including the valid business license of the principal (employer) and visa assurance or its equivalent document
  3. Recruitment / Selection
    • Employer-ABCGEMSI Service Contract Agreement Signing

      This agreement is inclusive of ABCGEMSI’s One-time Total Service Fee through a salary deduction or a “Letter of Direction” scheme, whichever is applicable, from every deployed Filipino worker through the principal (employer) to facilitate deployment

    • ABC Global Employment & Manpower Services, Inc. Web-based Qualified Worker Pool

      The Employer has the choice of selecting his / her candidates

    • Employer’s Interview of Selected Candidates
      • The employer has the option of either:

      • Face to face
      • Web-based (presently still on process)
    • Selected Workers Sign an Employment Agreement / Contract
    • Orientation of Selected Workers
  4. Worker Documentation
    • All selected workers must then obtain the following documents with all the accompanying costs :
      • Passport
      • NBI / Police / Barangay clearances
      • Authentication of certificates
      • Birth certificate issued by NSO
      • OWWA Medicare
      • Trade test, if necessary
      • Inoculation, if required by host country
      • Medical examination clearances
    • The principal (employer) must side by side arrange for the following with all the accompanying costs:
      • Visa and visa fee
      • Airfare
      • POEA processing fee
      • OWWA membership fee
      • Arrangements in the host country regarding:
        • Meeting and welcoming of arriving workers
        • Airport transportation
        • Temporary accommodation for arriving workers
  5. Deployment
    • ABC Global Employment and Manpower Services, Inc. shall deploy all selected workers within sixty (60) days or earlier or as what has been agreed and committed upon.

Our Competitive Advantage Solutions

ABC Global Manpower Services, Inc. (formerly Smith Bell Manpower Services, Inc.) utilizes various Internet Applications for managing the sourcing, recruitment, and placement processes. We use technology to provide a more responsive and effective user experience, which is eventually integrated into the existing processes of client companies thus creating the best communication in an attempt to give the best service at a low-cost recruitment process.

Web-based applications and web-based interviews are also possible, such procedures can result in a faster and more cost effective process for clients.